Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Knitting Sutra

Susan Gordon Lydon has written a lovely book subtitled Craft as a Spiritual Practice. After knitting a turquoise chenille sweater to help a broken bone in her arm "knit", she searched for a perfect silver button and a medicine man for her arm.

On a Navajo reservation, she met a community of women who live by the proceeds of their craft in a unified cycle of livelihood, art, and spirituality.

Laborare et orare
Work is prayer

Many members of Simon's group of bookaholics are also knitters. Most mornings I enjoy browsing (with coffee and sunshine) their pages that tell about their reading and their knitting.


apprentice-brick-counter said...

Hi Janice
Found my way to your blog from Simon's. I am a lapsed knitter but exercise my craftiness through card making, scrapbooking and cross-stitch. Currently looking for inspiration to complete a friends photo album. I love your handmade books!

Crafting is a spiritual practice, to focus on the page in hand stills the mind and brings you into the moment.

Its been raining here but we need it.

Janice said...


lovely to hear from you and welcome

still puzzled about the meaning of 'brick counter' even after finding a thing about quantity surveying on wikipedia

feeling very poorly today after an enormous overdose of ice cream and chocolate

StuckInABook said...

Is it possible to overdose on ice cream and chocolate?? Well, yes, I suppose so... but it never feels like it before the event.

Glad to have connected people over the ether!

dovegreyreader said...

I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't knit and quilt though I haven't been doing much of either lately.There is a lovely story in the latest collection by Colette that I've just blogged about.Colette loves it when her young daughter reads, draws or writes but worries when she sews because she knows that is the time when she will be thinking and it will be followed by awkward questions!Janice your pics are as beautiful as ever, you deserve all that chocolate.

Anonymous said...
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