Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When Wanderers Cease to Roam


by Vivian Swift
Bloomsbury 2008

A charming illustrated celebration of puttering, doodling, daydreaming, and settling down after years on the road

A delight to read straight way through, or to pick up and browse at any page.  The entire text has been hand lettered by the author. The dedication is to Walter Marlin, famous for paving the Royal Mile for King James V in 1532. His last wish was to be buried under the cobblestones of his own road there Marlin's Wynd, and to her mother, Mary Marlin - "thanks for the DNA"

Organized by months, the March chapter is titled March is the Tea Time Month, when life gives you March, make tea. In A Tea Time Memoir, the author describes and illustrates five locations: the famous Bewley's tea room on Grafton Street in Dublin; at the Muffin Man in Kensington, London; an ancient stone walled village on the coast of Brittany, Saint Malo; harps playing Vivaldi at Cafe Tortoni in Buenos Aires; and Wolf's Lane Deli on Long Island.

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galant said...

Hello, Janice,

Here I am, now commenting on your blog! I am really looking forward to this book as afternoon tea is one of my very favourite meals. I think this is because it isn't an essential meal like breakfast, lunch or dinner, it's a 'treat' meal! I have written about tea in articles, its history and associated tea wares, so this book is right up my street - the illustrations look delightful and it will be a lovely addition to my books on tea and everything associated with tea.
Margaret P