Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Fever Tree

by Jennifer McVeigh
G.P. Putnam 2013

a love story set in 1880 South Africa

Patricia Wastvedt writes "an epic story of love, deception, and courage, and a young woman's journey of self discovery in a country of spectacular beauty."

Frances is left destitute when her father dies in London, and rather than go to live with relatives and work as their nanny, she choose to marry a man she doesn't love and follow him to South Africa where he works as a doctor in the diamond fields.

On the steamship to the Cape she is swept up in an intoxicating love for an ambitious diamond trader.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Coming Back

I haven't been posting here for such a long time, and I was surprised to see that's it's been more than a year

A few reasons ... after I broke my arm, I was typing with one finger on my left hand, but mostly I didn't feel like writing a lot ... even though I've been reading a lot. My blogger friend, Nan, in New Hampshire gave me the idea to group some books in one post and just write a short synopsis.

So here's my first group. There will have to be quite a few posts and quite a few groups to catch up

Finding me in France
by Bobbi French
Creative Book Publishing 2012

She left her successful medical career in Newfoundland and bought a one-way ticket to a small village in Burgundy.  The story is an entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny account of her experience.

An accompanying blog.... follows the daily adventures in France, then a move to Switzerland, and again to Vancouver Island.

Out and About in Victoria's Neighbourhoods
by Anny Scoones
TouchWood Editions 2013

with illustrations by Robert Amos

I wrote about Anny's previous 'Home" books here a few years ago, her life and adventures on Glamorgan Farm in North Saanich, BC. After selling the farm, Anny bought a small house in James Bay

Now my two favorite authors are living in Victoria, just 30 minutes from where I live. Maybe I'll meet them on the street some day.

by Alan Brennert
Kindle Book  2009
read in 2012/2013

I added this book to this group because I lived there also ... for three years, ten years ago.

This book follows the life of a young 'picture bride', immigrating from Korea in 1914. Historical fiction at its best

next up Molokai by the same author