Saturday, June 15, 2013

Coming Back

I haven't been posting here for such a long time, and I was surprised to see that's it's been more than a year

A few reasons ... after I broke my arm, I was typing with one finger on my left hand, but mostly I didn't feel like writing a lot ... even though I've been reading a lot. My blogger friend, Nan, in New Hampshire gave me the idea to group some books in one post and just write a short synopsis.

So here's my first group. There will have to be quite a few posts and quite a few groups to catch up

Finding me in France
by Bobbi French
Creative Book Publishing 2012

She left her successful medical career in Newfoundland and bought a one-way ticket to a small village in Burgundy.  The story is an entertaining and laugh-out-loud funny account of her experience.

An accompanying blog.... follows the daily adventures in France, then a move to Switzerland, and again to Vancouver Island.

Out and About in Victoria's Neighbourhoods
by Anny Scoones
TouchWood Editions 2013

with illustrations by Robert Amos

I wrote about Anny's previous 'Home" books here a few years ago, her life and adventures on Glamorgan Farm in North Saanich, BC. After selling the farm, Anny bought a small house in James Bay

Now my two favorite authors are living in Victoria, just 30 minutes from where I live. Maybe I'll meet them on the street some day.

by Alan Brennert
Kindle Book  2009
read in 2012/2013

I added this book to this group because I lived there also ... for three years, ten years ago.

This book follows the life of a young 'picture bride', immigrating from Korea in 1914. Historical fiction at its best

next up Molokai by the same author


Nan said...

I read one of Anny's books, and would like to read more. I went to Bobbi's blog, and bookmarked it. Great photographs. I hear so many great things about Victoria. I'd like to read some books that are set there. Any fiction you would recommend??

Janice said...

Hi Nan
I can think of two books at the moment, and will keep a look out for more

M.A.C.Farrant lives here in our area. Her memoir tells about her life and family in the 60's. I posted a short entry here in 2007
"The Secret Life of Litterbugs" is a collection of personal essays. The one entitled Skidney is about the small town where I live - Sidney

Bill Richardson said "it's rare to find a writer who's both funny and such a good writer"